REGULATOR Biohazard Plastic Spill Kit 13 x 21 x 7.5cm


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The Regulator Biohazard Spill Kit is suitable to use with all bodily fluids and contains all the personal protection equipment to minimise the risk of infection during the spill clean-up. The Regulator Biohazard Spill Kit is available in a Weather resistant plastic case all our cases are available with custom labelling.

Code Description Qty
AW7100 AEROWIPE Alcohol Swab 3 cm x 3 cm 2
VER020 AEROWIPE Disposable Towelette 35 cm x 30 cm 1
AGNPF02 AEROGLOVE Nitrile Examination Gloves Pair 2
SM01V AEROMASK Surgical Mask with Eye Shield Disposable 1
BHB3547 AEROHAZARD Biohazard Bag 10 L 35 cm x 47 cm 1
APR02 AEROHAZARD Disposable Apron 1
AHS21 AEROHAZARD Fluid Solidifier Sachet 28 g 2
AHBSS AEROHAZARD Scoop & Scraper 1
AGSL AEROGUIDE Spills Instruction Card 1