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P2 Face Masks with Earloops

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The PPE Tech P2 Face Mask is 4-layer Australian-made mask with greater than 98% particle filtration efficiency. Extra comfy and strong earloops ensure a snug fit. Our disposable masks protect you from different kinds of particles in your environment including the following: Dust: If you’re involved in woodworking construction or mining you’ll be exposed to a large quality of dust that can cause respiratory concerns and coughing. Wear a PPE Tech mask to keep yourself safe. Fumes: Fumes are a common occurrence in many industries including welding and glass working. These fumes pose a health hazard since they can lead to heavy metal poisoning in some cases. But with one of our P2 masks you can leave this worry behind. Mists: Fine particles and mists are a hazard in the healthcare industry where there is a risk of spread and bacterial transfer. Vapours: Like mists vapours also cause respirator concerns. So healthcare workers and patients are required to wear masks in certain circumstances. Our masks are made according to the national standards to provide full protection against airborne moisture particles. Tested Certified & Approved to Australian Standards Note: P2 is the Australian equivalent of the U.S. N95 Specification.