Patient Transfer Boards – Long


Patient Transfer Board Large


The Aero range of Patient Handling Equipment in includes patient transfer boards and a highly adaptable terylene carry sheet for patient transfers.

Patient Transfer Boards

These are a critical item for safe and effective patient transfer from bed to mobility equipment. multiple sizes are available to suit different applications.
The Patient Transfer Board (P.T.B.) is used to transfer the recumbent client from bed to barouche, barouche to bed etc. Minor variations in bed or barouche height are not restrictive.


  • Constructed from a lightweight smooth resilient material.
  • P.T.B is radiolucent.
  • Hygienic: P.T.B. is easily cleaned by wiping over with a mild detergent
    or a non-alcohol based disinfectant.
  • Two hand holes for carer’s use.
  • Rounded edges and radius comers providing a smooth transfer for
    both client and carers.
  • Underside features grip sections ensuring secure usage of P.T.B.
  • P.T.B. is easily stored by hanging up using hole provided at top.



Instructions for Use:

  1. Remove top bedding from patient and loosen draw sheet from under mattress.
  2. From the transfer side of bed and with the aid of a nurse on the opposite side, roll patient onto his/her side away from
  3. Lay draw sheet over patient’s body and insert folded slide sheet if appropriate. (See slide sheet instructions).
  4. Position barouche alongside bed, as close as possible, (P.T.B. will cope with a small gap) Adjust bed or barouche height so
    that they are at or near similar height.
  5. Position P.T.B. with grip side down, smooth side up, over gap between bed and barouche, bed side edge of P.T.B. should be
    under draw sheet and slide sheet if used, and close to patient. Flatten draw sheet and slide sheet over P.T.B.
  6. Roll patient onto back, so that body weight is partially on the P.T.B. (the more body weight transferred onto P.T.B. the easier
    to transfer, thus positioning P.T.B. close to patient before rolling back makes for an easier transfer).
  7. With both care givers standing on outer side of barouche, hold the draw sheet with one hand, whilst placing the other hand
    on the edge of the P.T.B. to stop any initial movement of P.T.B.
  8. Pull draw sheet towards you until client is positioned on barouche. Note: hand supporting edge of P.T.B. may be removed
    once most of the patient’s weight is on the P.T.B. For harder mattresses and lighter patients this support may not be
  9. Roll patient towards you partially, so as to remove the P.T.B.
  10. After removal lay client onto back, patient should be in the middle of the barouche.

Code Item Description Size

14033S Patient Transfer Board Single Hand P.T.B 780mm x 380mm x 4.5mm
14033M Patient Transfer Board Single Hand P.T.B 1000mm x 380mm x 4.5mm
14133S Patient Transfer Board Double Hand P.T.B 1180mm x 580mm x 4.5mm
14133M Patient Transfer Board Double Hand P.T.B 1500mm x 580mm x 4.5mm
14133L Patient Transfer Board Double Hand P.T.B 1800mm x 580mm x 4.5mm