CARDIACT AED Cabinet Stand 32 x 20 x 1360 cm


CardiAct AED Stand

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The CardiAct AED Cabinet Stand is designed to securely mount AEDs in public locations previously unable to hold an AED. Designed to suit all CardiAct AED Cabinets and compatible with all AEDs. Ensuring a stable and secure AED with a sturdy yet sleek and minimalist design. Made In Australia to withstand harsh conditions the CardiAct AED Cabinet Stand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect option for mounting AEDs in parks beaches stadiums carparks shopping centres or other open areas.   Versatile: Does not require wall-fixing enabling the AED to be placed in any area with a solid floor allowing AEDs to service previously inaccessible areas Rugged: Australian-Made from 5mm powder coated steel this one-piece AED stand will stand the test of time making it suitable for outdoor use. Functional: Designed for use with any of the CardiAct AED Cabinets ensuring the stand is compatible with all AEDs. The required stainless steel fixings are provided. Stylish: The sleek and minimalist design of the AED Stand is functional and modern. Clear signage makes the AED easily identifiable and accessible for quick access in emergencies     *Note: Stand does not include CardiAct CC-90 case as photographed.