BRAYDEN OBI Conversion Kit


BRAYDEN OBI Conversion Kit (compatible with IM13, IM16)

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Help reduce healthcare inequalities one heartbeat at a time  Ethnically Accurate – Nasal and mouth features of an Ethnically African adult male to give a realistic ventilation experience Cost effective – A single manikin with multiple skins can provide diverse training experiences Light Weight & Portable – Easy and quick conversion from Brayden Adult to Brayden OBI Feedback lights – Brayden OBI skin work just as other Brayden skins Tone/Texture: Medium Taupe/Matte Easy AED traning pad removal Latex-free and durable material   Includes: 1 x Adult OBI body skin. 1 x Adult OBI face skin. To be used on the Brayden Adult Basic/Advanced/Pro manikins.