AEROFILM Waterproof Film Dressing 6 x 7cm Box/3 (GST FREE)


Waterproof Film Dressing

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AeroFilm is a sterile waterproof ultra-thin transparent film dressing. It is designed to be applied over I.V. devices clean skin or wounds and provides a breathable anti-bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants. AeroFilm Ultra-thin Waterproof & Transparent Bacterial Barrier Supabondâ„¢
Hypo-allergenic adhesive exclusively engineered
for low irritation and high adhesion Dressing Frame Ensures Easy Effective Application SupaBond adhesive     Exclusively engineered for unrivalled adhesion ensures that AeroFilm can be left in place for up to 7 days. This reduces interference with the wound reducing nursing time and aiding faster recovery.     Waterproof Film     AeroFilm is impermeable to water and body fluids protecting the application underneath and allowing the patient to shower and bathe without redressing. It also aids in the prevention of bacterial contamination and reduces risks of skin damage through interference.     Simple application     AeroFilm has an integrated frame applicator that provides a simple and effective application system. The frame enables the dressing to be applied crease free and ensures adhesion. AeroFilm transparency enables correct positioning over the wound site.     Adaptable to Awkward Areas     AeroFilm can be easily applied to the most awkward body contours due to its expandability while SupaBond ensures the dressing remains in place.     Contraindications / Precautions     AEROFILM should not be used on infected wounds unless under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.   As with all adhesive products apply and remove carefully from sensitive or fragile skin.   Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns. If redness or discomfort occurs discontinue use and consult a physician.     This product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare practitioner.