AEROBURN Burn Gel Tube 25g (GST FREE)


Burn Gel

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AeroBurn Burn Gel is an effective first aid treatment designed to provide optimal care for minor burns scalds and sunburns. With a unique hydrogel formula that contains over 90% water our gel combines nature and science to deliver soothing comfort to affected areas. Hydrates the Burn Site AeroBurn gel hydrates the burn site giving relief from pain and encouraging faster healing.   Key Features: Immediate Comfort: AeroBurn cools and calms the skin upon contact easing the sting of minor burns. Advanced Healing Formula: Our gel promotes faster recovery soothing the skin and cooling the burn. Light & Non-Greasy: Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly leaving no residue behind allowing your skin to breathe. Compact & Portable: The easy-to-use tube can be stored in first aid kits handbags backpacks or even in the car ensuring you have it on hand when you need it most.